Special Needs

Item #: 1543887
$32.49 CAD
$29.24 CAD

Designed for children with noise sensitivity. A terrific tool for children who need quiet for sensitivity or for focused activities.

Item #: 1543200
$74.19 CAD
$66.77 CAD

The simple design of this lap pad is ideal for promoting calm without distraction. Great for the classroom and at-home learning environments.

Item #: 029009
$20.95 CAD

Sound quality, durability, and performance at an economical price make these headphones the benchmark by schools and districts for language learning.

Item #: 1301880
$10.79 CAD
$9.71 CAD

Protect your ears from loud noises, or just enjoy some quiet time to read or concentrate with noise-cancelling ear muffs.

Item #: 1546323
$17.95 CAD

These youth-sized headphones are the perfect choice for listening centers and all independent listening needs.

Item #: 024522
$23.19 CAD
$20.87 CAD

A safe fidget that provides sensory feedback and tactile stimulation or to practice catching and juggling skills.

Item #: 020499
$58.19 CAD
$52.37 CAD

So many colors, so many patterns, so much fun! These assorted Grabits will bring hours and hours of visual and tactile stimulation.

Item #: 1284237
$33.39 CAD
$30.05 CAD

The tactile fidgets you've been looking for come in a set of different shapes to address a variety of sensory needs.

Item #: 1359107
$167.59 CAD
$150.83 CAD

Flocked vinyl surface is soft and cozy and provides valuable sensory input.

Item #: 1452973
$518.59 CAD
$466.73 CAD

SqUoosh Chair will position, cradle, and squeeze your wiggly kids in a calming hug.

Item #: 1512739
$176.99 CAD
$159.29 CAD

The PeaPod offers a perfect way to apply gentle deep touch pressure and provides a calming space.

Item #: 2024417
$70.69 CAD
$63.62 CAD

Help sensory seekers focus and relax with the help of this Abilitations fidget. Great for the classroom and at-home learning environments.

Item #: 2024606
$22.59 CAD
$20.33 CAD

Our washable, wipeable fidgets can be squished, patted, squeezed, and enjoyed!

Item #: 2024608
$89.69 CAD
$80.72 CAD

Help sensory seekers express and understand emotion with this vibrant sensory floor tile.

Item #: 2027636
$161.79 CAD
$145.61 CAD

Create a cozy, fun and safe quite space with this lightweight reading canopy from Abilitations.

Item #: 2027650
$35.79 CAD
$32.21 CAD

Add extra sensational benefits to your weighted lap pad with this minky lap cover.

Item #: 2027655
$50.99 CAD
$45.89 CAD

A flashy fidget for sensory seekers.

Item #: 2041361
$122.09 CAD
$109.88 CAD

Fun and weighted emoji cushions allow students to work out their fidgets while expressing their emotions.

Item #: 2041359
$101.89 CAD
$91.70 CAD

These adorable peas in a pod provide calming weight when held, a zipper for activity and individual peas to fidget with.

Item #: 2083098
$61.09 CAD
$54.98 CAD

Mia is a weighted monkey who is a soft and cuddly way to help focus attention and redirect fidgets.

Item #: 2083099
$61.09 CAD
$54.98 CAD

This adorable and cuddly husky helps by soothing with 3 pounds of weight and soft fur.

Item #: 1530608
$50.99 CAD
$45.89 CAD

The 60-minute Time Timer MOD is a modern and portable time management tool perfect for teachers or students

Item #: 1538873
$19.89 CAD
$17.90 CAD

Ease anxiety and regain mindful attention with this mesmerizing 2-tone colored liquid timer.

Item #: 1568241
$38.49 CAD
$34.64 CAD

Card set helps children with autism or Asperger's learn social interaction skills. Also an ideal tool for improving oral language skills.