Outdoor - Playground

Item #: 2128167
$13.95 CAD
$12.55 CAD

Maintain the comfort and safety of your Childcraft tricycles with Replacement Grips Set. Designed to fit perfectly and provide a secure hold, these grips ensure that your tricycles stay in top condition for endless riding fun.

Item #: 2126561
$3,719.95 CAD
$3,347.95 CAD

Funnel Ball is a unique way to provide fun on the playground while helping children develop hand-to-eye coordination. The numeric graphics offer children an opportunity to create games by numeric value or color.

Item #: 2128778
$215.95 CAD

This compact-sized Simplay3 up-and-down roller coaster toddler ride-on toy will turn your indoor or outdoor space into an exciting family fun park and will keep boys and girls active and engaged for hours!

Item #: 2133755
$183.49 CAD
$165.14 CAD

Little ones will be thrilled to ride along in the Simplay3 Ross and Stroll buggy with high back seats, plenty of leg room, an activity tray, and a grab handle!

Item #: 2134346
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$20.78 CAD

This playset by Dantoys offers a rake, shovel, and sand drill to entertain and challenge younger and older children while enhancing motor skills and digging techniques!

Item #: 2134347
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$195.02 CAD

With this large planting school set by Dantoys, there's plenty of opportunity to let your green fingers run wild and get lots of greenery sprouting and growing.

Item #: 2135481
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$402.20 CAD

Give your lil' adventurers the perfect blend of active play (and private getaway)! Interlocking Constructa Den pieces allow youngsters ages 2 and up to build their very own shelter, house, and beyond from scratch.