Early Childhood

Item #: 252363
$351.29 CAD
$316.16 CAD

Unfinished design allows you to decorate the dollhouse any way you desire.

Item #: 074588
$995.95 CAD

This attractive wardrobe hanging storage unit by Childcraft keeps all dress-up outfits and accessories organized and easy to access. Upgrade your classroom or home play area with space saving storage from Childcraft.

Item #: 296099
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$888.25 CAD

This classic and crafty sensory activity is tons of fun for little ones.

Item #: 296153
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$1,051.15 CAD

Ideal for use in the classroom or at home to keep any area neat, clean and organized.

Item #: 1335356
$443.95 CAD

Provide kids with their own lil' world inside this wooden cube reading nook! Open circle cutouts on 3 sides provide just enough of a peek, while 1 solid side is perfect for laying against.

Item #: 1435231
$120.29 CAD
$108.26 CAD

Colorful corrugated cardboard blocks offer endless building fun for forts, games, and beyond.

Item #: 1491193
$1,375.95 CAD

Put all the cooks in the kitchen! Childcraft offers a fun dramatic play unit for any early childhood environment.

Item #: 1557208
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$193.94 CAD

Keep your large knob puzzles in one neat (and accessible) place with this adjustable 8-shelf rack.

Item #: 1568768
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$1,614.55 CAD

Keep your building blocks organized with ease with this mobile cabinet, block and corresponding multi-shaped adhesive set.

Item #: 1568770
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$581.35 CAD

The adorable Market Stand is a perfect addition to any dramatic play area.

Item #: 1589409
$676.95 CAD

The LED table is perfect for light and color exploration.

Item #: 2005818
$1,821.95 CAD
$1,639.75 CAD

Students will love reading time in Childcraft's cozy Reading Nook! Perfect for your classroom or learning environment, even if you have a small room.

Item #: 075233
$261.95 CAD

Plastic mirror sheet offers a safe and sturdy way for infants or kids to see their reflection.

Item #: 4000121
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$446.35 CAD

Add adorable ambiance to your cozy corner with our oversized floor pillows.

Item #: 2051409
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$915.25 CAD

Item #: 2040791
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$212.35 CAD

Keep children sitting comfy, calm, and collected on soft and serene Breathe with Me carpet squares from Childcraft.

Item #: 1517888
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$171.98 CAD

Perfect for a family or classroom! Designed to hold a child's interest, build critical developmental skills, and promote creativity.

Item #: 1585332
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$39.05 CAD

Ideal for indoor sand trays, play theory trays, and sensory activity tables, the Sandtastik Coarse White Therapy Play Sand is designed with therapy professionals in mind.

Item #: 2041021
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$83.96 CAD

The Freckled Frog My Family blocks are perfectly designed for playtime in daycares, homes, or anywhere! Keep infants and toddlers entertained with interactive and durable block figures.

Item #: 279061
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$13.85 CAD

Create your best classroom organization with School Smart storage trays.

Item #: 080783
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$117.08 CAD

Celebrate the many beautiful pieces that make up a family with this set of puzzles by Melssa & Doug.

Item #: 502686
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$65.51 CAD

Item #: 256206
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$39.05 CAD

Diversify their figurine collection with this set! A range of ages, cultures, and abilities make for a realistic feel both children and adults will appreciate and love.

Item #: 1302322
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$73.52 CAD

Quadruple the joy around your classroom, childcare center, or home with these adorable Lots to Love Babies.